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Survivor Gamez 4 Final! Live Stream August 17th


The Survivor Gamez Series 4 Final is coming up on August 17th. Taking part are some of the biggest names in DayZ Live Streaming like PsiSyndicate, Sacriel, Oshi7, Ngotie, DaSquirrelsNuts, xSmak and Lirik, as-well as winners and qualifiers from previous Survivor Games rounds. You’ll find a lot of the competitors are featured on our DayZ Live pages and most of them will be streaming the event LIVE on twitch.

You can watch your favourite streamer taking part or watch BikeMan or Soma’s terrific official Survivor Gamez coverage. Using admin tools the team able to track all the players and swap between each competitors point of view – ensuring not a moment of action is missed out on!  There are some big prizes up for grabs in the Finals too.


Winner (1st place)

2x A50 Systems – $600 combined value

2x A30 Headsets – $260 combined value

2x Scout Backpacks – $200 combined value

2x Shirts – $40 combined value

Combined Total: $1,100 retail value

Runner Up (2nd place)

2x A40 Systems – $500 combined value

2x Shirts – $40 combined value

Combined Total: $540 retail value

Second Runner Up (3rd place)

2x A30 Systems – $400 combined value

2x Shirts – $40 combined value

Combined Total: $440 retail value

Competitor List

HotSauce Noodle
Ullechamp Vipeax
Lirik ShortyyGuy
DaSquirrelsNuts Ngotie
GoldGlove Juicetra
xSmak Oraj3l
GiantWaffle Kohbl
HybridPanda PsiSyndicate
AnAtomicPenguin ThirtyOught6
BabyKnight Antab
Ultorak007  ToddandChips
Deagen Phyy
Summit1G MrShadezz
NickBunYun BigMooney
Rezt_ Roguz
Sacriel  StoneyOC
5hizzle  Settle
Download the official SGZ_General_Rules (5MB) to catch up on the rules.

The game starts at 1:30pm PST / 9.30GMT on August 17th. We’ll be watching and participating in the chat of the Official Survivor Gamez stream on August 17th, but you can also watch on the Secondary stream. There’s also a live map stream which shows all player’s positions at all times here. Good luck to all the competitors, you are going to need it!

Who do you think is going to win? Post below in the comments!

WINNER - Summit1G Full Stream

Video By:Summit1G

2nd Place - 5hizzle Full Stream

Video By:5hizzle

Survivor Gamez 4 Official Trailer

Video By:BikestMan

PsiSyndicate and HybridPanda Highlights

Video By:PsiSyndicate

BigMooney06 + NickBunyun Highlights

Video By:BigMooney06

GoldGlove & Juicetra

Video By:GoldGlove

StoneyOc Highlights

Video By:StoneyOC

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  1. Gray Sadler

    • excellent work thanks 😀 That’s an incredibly handy tool!

  2. We are rooting for Ngotie and Squirrel 😀

  3. Congratulations Summit1G and MrShadezz!! Take 1st place!

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