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Survivor GameZ Finals Postponed – Brian Says “It Is Worth It”


The Survivor GameZ Series 5 Finals were all ready to go tonight, Saturday – December 7th. However, apparently Brian – one of the folks who help run the games and producer on DayZ Standalone is busy tonight with something Standalone related. The announcement from the Survivor Gamez team on facebook stated that it’s related to our previous post and the Reddit thread which popped up on Friday, although this has left us a little confused as Rocket did state in that thread that due to the immense amount of negativity that the idea wasn’t going to happen:

In my brief review of the thread it seemed almost entirely opposed – so there is not broad support so it won’t happen.

So, the way we see it one of two things is going to happen tonight. The larger scale test is going to go ahead tonight as proposed, possibly with a few hundred players spread out accross a couple of servers to help properly stress test. Either that or the Standalone is actually going to be released tonight. Whatever happens, Brian mentioned on twitter that:

I guess we’ll find out tonight! We’re hoping that whatever happens – some sort of announcement is made and we’re not kept in the dark. It should be fairly obvious what’s going on though, if none of the usual saturday night DayZ streamers are on twitch tonight, we can assume there all too busy testing DayZ Standalone. The Survivor GameZ Finals will be re-scheduled for some time in the coming weeks, but you can view the player list below – the roster is split into teams of two.

Competitor List

Summit1G Shadezzz
Wigguli Armetti
SteelSound Vanpresto
Sacriel StoneyOC
Lirik ShortyyGuy
Ngotie Addlesses
GoldGlove Juicetra
HybridPanda PsiSyndicate
Doom49 AaronLawd
Utorak007 ToddandChips
Crream Uleet
xSmak Oraj3l
Nickbunyun Raged Daniel
MoonDye7 unconfirmed
5hizzle Settle

Download the official SGZ_General_Rules (5MB) to catch up on the rules.

The game normally starts at 1:30pm PST / 9.30GMT, we’ll update you on exactly when this final round is going to take placeWe’ll be streaming on our Twitch Channel and a couple of guys from the team will be participating in the chat of the Official Survivor Gamez stream on September 28th, but you can also watch on the Secondary stream. There’s also a live map stream which shows all player’s positions at all times here. Good luck to all the competitors, you are going to need it!

Who do you think is going on tonight? Post below in the comments!

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    7 Responses

  1. If not a large scale test tonight, maybe it’s a live stream from either Rocket or Brian?

  2. jones

    Now it’s quite some time ago since this was posted and nothing (Worth waiting for yet). If it’s the stream. Then it is dissappointing.
    Rather wanna watch a SG, than a stream about the same things as the previous ones

    • Battlebunny

      Rocket was streaming yesterday from 21.16GMT….and he ended the stream 0.40GMT today…he said that they are alomost ready for early-access on steam and he shown a lot of new Chernarus

  3. Brad

    Ok I hate to be that person on the forums that gets irritated by progress of a game but with this game I just have to. I cant understand why us loyal fans of the day z mod are left in the dark about whats going on with this game. Rocket says that the alpha is very bare bones and we should watch videos of the game before we bought it. For a barebones game it sure has taken a good long while for it to become playable. Your releasing an alpha but your treating it as though this is going to be the full release of the game. We know its alpha, we know there going to be bugs. Sorry for this rant but I am just getting really annoyed of being in the dark about this. Release the game please

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