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The DayZ News Post Issue #5 – August 25 Audio Improvements & More

We’re back with another DayZ News Post. In this issue we will be discussing the new audio improvements that we are hoping to see implemented into update 0.61. We’ll also be talking about the upcoming changes we’d like to see in DayZ before the end of the year and the overall state of the DayZ community….

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New Status Report – January 15, 2016

Just two weeks after the start of the new year and the DayZ dev team has already release another status report filled with juicy information for the upcoming year. Unfortunately there aren’t many content changes featured in the new status update, which is understandable – the guys have just come back from holiday after all. What…

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DayZ Patch Notes: Experimental 0.58

Another month, another DayZ experimental patch ready for testing! This month, we’re seeing experimental 0.58, the successor to last months highly successful ‘double patch’, 0.56 and 0.57, which introduced tons of content to the game including new weapons, attachments, mechanics and generally just tons of fixes for existing content. Click here to read more about…

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