Steyr AUG

The Steyr AUG, a bulpup  5.56mm Rifle, famous for it’s unique shape and futuristic look and feel, entered manufacturing in 1978 and has since been adopted by many armed forces around the world. It’s an accurate, mid-range Assault Rifle that should rival the power of the M4A1. The Steyr AUG’s modularity should technically open it up…

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The AKS-74U is the little brother of the AK-74. It has a shorter barrel and a folding buttstock, designed to be lighter, smaller and easier to use. The AKS-74U in DayZ fires the same rounds as he AK74 and requires a AK74 Magazine. It’s currently compatible with the rest of the AK family attachments buttstocks only, but…

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The Ak-74, or Kalashnikov as it’s commonly referred to is an assault rifle developed in the 1970’s – very popular in countries of the former USSR. It was designed to replace the AKM. The AK-74 in DayZ has been talked about for a very long time and has finally made it into Experimental Patch 0.50. It…

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DayZ Standalone: AK 101

AK 101

The AK 101 is a modified version of the AK74M designed for the world export market. The Ak 101 offers up the reliability and familiarity of a Kalashnikov weapon while allowing the user to fire 5.56x45mm ammunition – the same as the M4A1. The AK 101 has a handful of compatible attachments – and a…

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DayZ Standalone: AKM


The AKM, an upgraded version of the massively popular Ak-47 is an extremely effective weapon developed in the 1970’s  – still currently in use worldwide. It’s an effective, accurate and lightweight weapon with a high rate-of-fire. It was a popular weapon in the mod and there has been much hype about the completely re-modeled version…

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DayZ Standalone: M4A1


The M4A1 carbine, is a fully automatic variant of the M4 widely known for being one of the most popular rifles in the US special operations units including the Navy SEALS and the Army Special Forces. It is favoured by special forces for it’s close-quarters combat capabilities due to its compactness, fire-power and accuracy. The…

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