DayZ Standalone: MP-133 Shotgun

MP-133 Shotgun

The MP-133 Pump Action Shotgun is a Russian-made shotgun popular for both military and civilian use, based on the earlier IZH 43 shotgun. It fires both the current shotgun shells found in DayZ, the ‘Buckshot’ and the ‘Slugs’. The textual description for the Mp-133 shotgun states that it holds 4 rounds, when it in fact holds 6…

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DayZ Standalone: IZH-43

IZH 43

A short barrel classic side-by-side hunting shotgun produced by the Russian Firearms manufacturer Izhevsky Mechanichesky Zavod, well known throughout the world, under the trademark Baikal. It’s excellent balance ensures convenient and quick aiming. The IZH 43 in DayZ is a powerful, short-range shotgun which provides maximum power in close ranged combat. Firing either one shot or two…

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